About the Artist

Judith A. Williams is a contemporary encaustic and mixed media artist from Northern California. She has developed an incredible, deft vocabulary of everyday objects.

Artist Statement

I respond to poetry, memories of my childhood, and everyday objects.
My images are metaphorical.
My work is often motivated by social inequities towards women,
and global political unrest.
I am interested in patterns of nature, genetics, and behavior.
I love color, line and form.
I layer text, ideas, and images, with a sense of appreciation for what came before.
Working with encaustic paints allows me to layer and imbed forms and marks.
I paint over maps, architectural blueprints, sewing pattern paper,
and old dictionary pages, and textbooks,
incorporating them into the compositions and content. I think about seeing below the surface, transparencies, and layering.
It's the hidden levels, the unconscious, and psychological undertones that intrigue me.

Recently a trip to Japan has inspired a series of tea bowls integrating encaustic paint strokes
with collage and calligraphy to create delicate ethereal realms. I am drawn to a past sense of time and place unknown, where I greet my spirituality.

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